The Restaurants Of Avondale

When you live in Arizona, you only have to drive down the street or to the nearest collection of storefronts and mini-malls to find a Mexican restaurant. Avondale in particular has a vast number of choices among the Avondale restaurants due to our close proximity to Phoenix. We are fortunate that we are so close to the home country, too, as we sometimes are able to actually get genuine Mexican food in Avondale.

Sadly you will not find genuine Mexican cuisine in most national chain restaurants. It is Americanized or Tex-Mex, which is very different than the real thing. A lot of Americans do not know the difference, and when they happen upon a real Mexican restaurant in Avondale they try and fit a square peg in a round hole and claim the seasonings, flavors, ingredients are not what they expected. Well, yeah, they probably are not. For one thing, you will almost always be able to taste the food and not just searing hot. You will see a lot more fruit and vegetables used, along with lots of beans, corn, pork, chicken, and seafood. There are some things prepared with beef, but it is not the top choice of nearly all Mexican food, period, in main protein.

We are lucky that there are a few regional chains where you can get real Mexican food in Avondale. They were often started by immigrants whose family recipes came with them.  Many times they also still use the traditional methods of preparation, and always, seasonings. These restaurants are to be cherished as the food will be the right temperature, fresh, with freshly prepared salsas. Depending on the region will depend on whether you see beans or corn. And, if they make their own tortillas, by hand, you are about to fall in love.

People make jokes about décor in some Mexican restaurants, too. Often the big chains are trying to knock off a bit of old Mexico with a mariachi band in cheap glittery costumes, Chinese made piñatas hanging around, and cactus shaped margarita glasses. That is a pretty good indicator you may not be in a place using true Mexican seasonings nor recipes. Look for a restaurant that utilizes the genuine art, paintings, carvings, and colors of the region of Mexico they are from, and know that it may well be bold. Often you will see both a Mexican and U.S. flag displayed. The staff will be dressed comfortable and professional, and they will have a strong knowledge of the menu selections, what kind of seasonings they have, and the preparation method.  If you do not eat certain meats, or are on a restricted diet, any reputable Mexican Avondale restaurant will be happy to accommodate you.

And the food…oh the food. It will be ice cold, piping hot, steaming wonderful. The flavors will all be present whether delicate fish in white gravy or a spicy sausage and rice blend. Unless you request volcanic hot, it will not be. Each region of Mexico uses particular chilies, ranging from sweet and mild to smoky to pungent and hot.

Another point of pride in nearly every good place to get Mexican food in Avondale are their margaritas. They should be making their syrups and bases in house, fresh. They should use a good brand of tequila and other liquids that make up the beverage. One sip and you really will be transported to old Mexico.

So look around and see who really does Mexican food in Avondale right. There are a lot of choices in Avondale restaurants. Make one that is genuine and delicious.